2013 BASK Rekabetçilik Raporu Yayınlandı

Bakanlığımıza gelen ve aşağıda orijinali verilen bilgilendirme yazısı ile Bask Ülkesi 2013 Rekabetçilik Raporu’nun yayınlandığı bilgisi edinilmiştir. 2013 Bask Rekabetçilik Raporu için tıklayınız


"The 2013 Basque Country Competitiveness Report is now available. The Report analyses the competitive position of the Basque Country and conducts an in-depth study of the process of entrepreneurial discovery of the territory, which facilitates the productive transformation of the Basque economy. These analyses are useful in the application of Smart Specialisation Strategies (more familiarly referred to as RIS3) in the Basque Country


The video and the presentation of the 2013 Competitiveness Conference, held on the 27th June at the University of Deusto, is also available"

Executive Summary  


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